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Experts in Call Center services

We are experts in outsourcing your call center as well as providing you with the most reliable systems to manage your inbound and outbound calls in-house.

Call Center & Telemarketing Outsourcing

We handle all kinds of customer services problems and inquiries. We also provide telemarketing. In all cases we help you save money and get high trained bilingual agents

Contact Center software

You can now order your own call center system or simply save money and subscribe to a monthly package of our cloud based call center software

IVR System

Get your IVR system which makes it possible to respond to customers’ calls with pre-recorded or dynamically generated audio to further direct them on how to proceed.

Technical Support Ticketing System

If you offer technical support for your customers, then out ticketing system is perfect. It allows customers to send and receive all types of requests (support, inquiries, problems, etc.). It will help solving problems and rising customers satisfaction.


Our CRM solution will help you managing your company’s interaction with current and potential customers and to determine the needs and preferences of them by organizing, tracking and sorting all customer reactions.

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An expert will communicate with you a proposed solution and walk you through our agreement including our fair SLA.

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Our team will provide you with the most suitable solution that fit your needs and business context.


Review our standard contract and feel free to discuss its terms with our legal specialist. When you feel comfortable, we sign it off.

Rest Assured, You and Your Customers are Covered

Our consistant performance in handling our client’s call center operations is a direct result from our holly SLA. We hire only committed and disciplined people and support them with healthy environment and professional training programs. Try our services for one month


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